Goostrey Youth Centre


The existing Youth Centre is a former World War 1 temporary wooden hut, re-erected in 1920 on land owned by Goostrey Parish Council. It was used as the Goostrey Village Hall for many years before the 'New Village Hall' became available as a joint use facility with Goostrey School in the 1970s. The 'Old Village Hall', as it became known, holds many happy memories for people in and around Goostrey, being the venue for many dances, concerts and special village events.

View of Youth Club looking west

Youth Centre

Youth Centre Entrance

In subsequent  years, the condition of the hut deteriorated considerably. The 'New Village Hall' was used for village events, and the hut was designated as a Youth Centre, the land now being leased from the Parish Council. At the present time, the building itself is nearing the end of its useful life. It is unsuitable to the requirements of modern youth groups and would require extensive repair and upgrading if its use were to be continued. Budget estimates have confirmed that it is incapable of economic refurbishment. 


The now dilapidated building comprises a large meeting room, a small meeting room, a small pantry with basic kitchen facilities and basic toilet facilities for children. There is no provision for disabled access. The layout and appearance now appear outdated and, with inadequate heating, minimal security and lack of car parking space, the building is not now attractive for use by present-day youth groups.